The Milton Education Village (MEV) is Milton’s vision for a comprehensive neighbourhood, integrating post-secondary education, residential, commercial and recreational uses, within the envelope of a 400 acre (160 hectare) area alongside the Niagara Escarpment in Canada’s fastest growing community.

Plans for the MEV also include an innovation centre, a local initiative dedicated to enabling an entrepreneurial culture for business start-up, incubation, intersection for innovation, education and training.  Though distinct in function, the MEV and the innovation centre are cooperative and supportive in ‘community building’ for a higher purpose, working with Milton’s strategic advantage to capture opportunities of regional, provincial, and national significance.

The creation of Milton’s innovation centre will offer an alternative to employment growth and better position Milton to capture office growth as required by Milton’s population, which is rich with educated, innovative and entrepreneurial individuals.  The two development types, in combination, will be complementary and the innovation centre can provide a place for the business community to self-identify, to foster a business ecosystem, and ultimately facilitate an evolution or sophistication in employment diversity and demand for office use.  Diversity within the employment base, including office uses, becomes increasing important for comprehensive planning and implementation of the future MEV and Derry Green Business Park.

Building the innovation centre from concept to implementation will take time, as ‘building community’ is an organic process, constantly in motion and changing in its evolution.  Read and subscribe to our blog to find out more about the knowledge that lives here.